Party Design

Party Design: set-up and arrangement

The art of setting up the event

The choice of a location is a very important step in organizing an event, but the right set up is even more to convey emotion and create the right atmosphere.

Atmospherae knows how to exploit the company's colors creating an environment that is unmistakably yours, in which your brand will become the star of a special moment through which it will be long remembered, thanks to the added value of highly effective art installations that will hold on the imagination of your guests.


  • Event Planner
  • Concept party and event layout
  • Construction and fitting out color theme with design objects: armchairs, chairs, tables, lamps, vases lamps, rugs, pillows, etc.
  • Custom Floral arrangements
  • Shows and entertainment customizable
  • Fireworks
  • Themed animations
  • Juggling and inflatable
  • Image coordinated communication event: invitations, menus, website, press kit, gadgets etc..
  • Customizing kitchenware, linens and clothing staff
  • Thematic Tour for Companies
  • Selection of historical locations and open space
  • Service catering & banqueting
  • Security service, hosting and wardrobe
  • Parking and shuttle service
  • Photo and video
  • Maid service area for the final event